Gérard Garouste: one of the great representatives of contemporary French painting

There are many French artists who have gained a worldwide reputation for their outstanding works. Gérard Garouste, for example, is a painter who has specialised in contemporary art design. Who is Gérard Garouste? What are the different works he has created?

Biography of Gérard Garouste

Gérard Garouste, husband of Élisabeth Garouste, is a French painter, illustrator and sculptor born in 1946 in Paris. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris from 1965 to 1972. He concentrated mainly on humour drawings and created stage designs for Jean-Michel Ribes. In 1977, he organised a show at the Palace called Le Classique et l'Indien. He was the author, set designer and director. Then, in 1979, he worked in the Eure. At the end of the 70s, he decided to turn to figurative painting, under the influence of an exhibition by Jean Dubuffet. His first exhibition took place in 1980 at the Durand-Dessert gallery, during which he was able to show the public a large number of figurative, mythological and allegorical paintings. This was the beginning of his international career.

The various exhibitions of Gérard Garouste

Gérard Garouste regularly exhibits at the Michel Durand-Dessert et Liliane gallery, but also in Bordeaux, Castres, Riom, Lyon, Montreuil, etc. Since 2001, his works are also regularly accessible to the public at the Daniel Templon gallery. His first exhibition outside France was in New York in 1982 at the Holly Solomon Gallery. Then, exhibitions followed one after the other, at Léo Castelli and Sperone, in Berlin, etc. Gérard Garouste is also the author of several public works, including the fifth season (a ceiling in the presidential flat at “the Élysée Palace”), the stage curtain at the Châtelet theatre and the Mamré tree in the French National Library.

Some examples of Gérard Garouste's work

In 1989, Gérard Garouste was inspired by the texts of the Old Testament and he produced a wide variety of paintings and sculptures. In terms of paintings, he is the author of several exceptional works such as the Antipode, an oil on canvas measuring 130× 90 cm, and the Dante, 195 × 130 cm. He is also very passionate about sculpture. He created, for example, The Challenge of the Sun, The Palace of Justice and The Virgin and with the Child. He also made engravings, prints and lithographs such as The Seeker or The Truffle Market. In any case, if you are interested in his works, to save time, consult the catalogues of the virtual galleries, you may find your happiness there.
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