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Antique Marble Mantel Clocks

The Intricate Mechanics of Antique Marble Mantel Clocks

Antique marble mantel clocks showcase exquisite craftsmanship and intricate mechanics that have fascinated collectors and enthusiasts for centuries. These timepieces not only serve the practical purpose of telling time but also provide a window into the rich history of clockmaking….

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An ancient item at home ? How to distinguish them ?

Old objects and furniture add warmth and originality to interiors. Antiques have a certain decorative value while displaying an artistic style. Nowadays, some people even spend so much money to buy a Louis XVI armoire, an antique vase or even…

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Estimation of painting: what are the criteria that make a piece of art valuable?

The valuation of works of art is an important part of the work of art market professionals. When a painting is signed, which is the case for the majority of modern paintings, we refer to the artist’s rating. For old…

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Online jewelry appraisal: is it expensive?

Pendant, ring, brooch, antique necklace… Many rare pieces of jewelry are kept in your safe deposit box. As you wish to give away some of these pieces for personal projects, start by assigning a price to each specimen. Benefit from…

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How to find an art appraiser on the web?

When faced with a beautiful object that one wishes to sell or acquire, the first reflex is to ask oneself how much it costs. However, since not everyone has the knowledge of art, resorting to the expertise of a professional…

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Inheritance: why calling in a fine art appraiser?

When someone passes away, they often leave an inheritance. When it comes to art, you can resort to an inheritance appraisal. What does this involve? What to do? The inheritor of the deceased certainly has several questions. Inheritance The first…

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How do I know if I have a valuable sculpture?

When one has in possession of antique objects, one often wonders what is its market value. Rare are the people who know how to recognize the value of an art without having gone through some training. So how does one…

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How to dertemine the value of a vase?

Estimating the value of your vase will not take much time. You need to get in touch with a serious expert to get reliable results. Nowadays, using the internet will save you time and money. You will have the opportunity…

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