5 Art galleries and exhibitions to discover in paris!

Parisian art galleries are the last bastion of cultural outings in the capital. That's why we decided to take you on a journey of discovery of Parisian art galleries that blow away preconceived ideas by revealing exhibitions, concepts and immersive scenographies that are a real invitation to escape! 

JR presents Galleria Continua Paris, art gallery and delicatessen - photos

The famous JR has just announced the opening of the “Galleria Continua” on “rue du Temple” in Paris in a video that will panic art lovers. During 4'45 minutes, he makes the tour of the art gallery, where you can take a basket and buy artworks, have a coffee and admire trompe d'oeil signed by the king of street art!

59 Rivoli

This one is a real Parisian institution. More than an art gallery, 59 Rivoli is a famous artists' squat whose façade attracts the attention of the curious. Officially legalised in 2009 and now known as the After-Squat, 59 Rivoli and its thirty or so artists in residence is one of those unusual spots that has made a place for itself in the folklore of Parisian outings. 

The Kamel Mennour Gallery on “rue du Pont de Lodi”

Be warned, Kamel Mennour has taken over four spaces in Paris, and while you'll find some stunning works in each gallery, the magnificent immersive work not to be missed is at 5 rue du Pont de Lodi, in the 6th arrondissement, the new space opening in December 2020. Until April 30, 2021, there is a crazy work by Daniel Buren and Philippe Parreno, simultaneously, works in situ and in movement. If you remember Daniel Buren's play of light with his "Observatoire de la Lumière" at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, you will love this work that plays with light!

"Après" by Christian Boltanski at the Marian Goodman Gallery

In Paris, the Marian Goodman Gallery highlights Christian Boltanski with the exhibition "Après". This presentation offers us a beautiful immersion in the heart of the artist's installations and transports us into another universe while leading us to question our perception of the past and the future! Attention, the exhibition is accessible through booking only!  We visited Chapelle XIV, the new arty spot in the 18th century: art gallery, music, we love it! Chapelle XIV is the new creative place in the 18th arrondissement where you can discover the cream of the emerging design and contemporary art scene. Welcoming and inclusive, the place mixes gallery, record shop and coffee shop. We went to visit and frankly it's worth the diversions!
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