An ancient item at home ? How to distinguish them ?

Old objects and furniture add warmth and originality to interiors. Antiques have a certain decorative value while displaying an artistic style. Nowadays, some people even spend so much money to buy a Louis XVI armoire, an antique vase or even an English armchair. But how to really recognize an antique in your home?

Focus on the charm of the antique style

Candlesticks, antique objects, old English armchairs, Louis XVI wardrobe, vases designed in crystal, silverware have an undeniable charm. But to be able to bear the name antique, an object must be at least a hundred years old. However, this is certainly not the only criterion to describe an antique object. Indeed, for it to bear the antique label, it must be handcrafted. Therefore, it must not be the result of mass production. Also, it is strongly advised to see all the catalogs on display. To buy antiques, many fans spend their money on furniture sales, flea markets and auctions.

Effective advice to recognize an antique

Appraising designer or antique furniture is certainly not an easy task. Indeed, it is a job dedicated especially to experts. However, if you want to know more about it, it is necessary to take a course. However, this option can be expensive. In order to be sure of finding antique objects, here are some basic criteria. First of all, buying at auction is one of the best ways to find antiques easily. Indeed, this type of sale offers you different services in order to conclude better deals. However, before rushing into it, you should prepare yourself. During the days of the sale, you must be on the spot to discover all the objects put in the auction. Also, it is highly recommended to see all the catalogs on display. With this option, you will have complete information regarding the age of the object, its design material, its style, its origin and especially its creator.

Some tips to easily recognize an antique object

In addition to buying at auction, it is also possible to value my antique and recognize antiques from their design and especially from their finish. As for the glass creations, note that these objects unfortunately show an exorbitant price. Notably because of this, counterfeits are beginning to find space on the market. Thus, to avoid unpleasant surprises, the ideal is to do a research of this antique glass and compare the existing finishes. As for antique furniture, it is easy to identify. For this, we must remember that antique furniture is made from solid wood.
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