Buying an artwork on the Internet: how to avoid scams?

Buying art is very different from the usual everyday purchases. Ordering a bath towel online is certainly not the same as purchasing a painting. It requires more delicacy and parsimony, as this is a valuable object. At the same time, it is not impossible to avoid scams and these behaviours deserve to be apprehended.

Contacting reliable sites

In spite of Internet policies and security systems, scammers still find places to infiltrate. This calls for vigilance, not fear-mongering. There are serious and reliable galleries. To detect them, it is imperative to look into the background of your potential seller. Their background will reveal their experience in the art market, as well as their reliability. Notoriety is also essential when it comes to art. It is risky to trust sites that are too unknown. Finally, sometimes, even if all these conditions are met, one thing may not add up. Find a seller with similar preferences to yours.

Find out about the details and particularities of the work

Buying is buying. In this respect, the behaviour to adopt is similar to that of ordinary purchases. No one buys something they do not know. It is the customer's right to ask for more information about the item for sale. Whether it is vegetables or a Renoir painting. If you are passionate, you yourself will be able to detect the counterfeit. The medium, technique and size vary from one artist to another. This is precisely what makes a work authentic. Dive into the details. Nowadays, many modern artists are available without intermediaries. The purchase of a painting is sometimes intended to decorate a residence or a room, without too many complications.

See for yourself

The virtual exhibition is no longer a novelty. However, it is not that reliable, so you usually want something concrete. These galleries organise fairs, conferences and art exhibitions in Paris, Toulon and Lyon. These events are good for seeing the work with your own eyes to get a more realistic view. In addition, they also provide an opportunity to see other works. Other techniques or painters may impress you. It is also possible to turn to a completely different discipline such as sculpture or plastic art. Finally, when satisfied, you can start buying.
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