Remote appraisal: how can I have my works appraised?

Although you have been able to leave your home for a few days, limiting travel remains a major objective and everyone must contribute to this collective effort. In this very particular context, our teams have set up several remote valuation solutions in order to ensure the continuity of our valuation services. For those who have taken advantage of this "confined" interlude to make an inventory and who are considering selling some of their goods, works of art, furniture, fashion items, bottles of wine, etc. at auction, there are multiple solutions for receiving an estimate of these items while remaining at home!

Requesting an estimate online

One of the options available to you for obtaining an initial estimate of the value of the goods you wish to sell at auction is the online estimate form. It allows you to upload photos for each work of art and to enter a precise description: materials, dimensions, general condition, specific characteristics, period, certificate of authenticity, etc. All these elements will enable our experts to quickly send you an initial approach to the price in the context of a sale.

Applications for estimating works of art

To simplify remote appraisal or if you are more of a "mobile & tablet" person, you can download an application that allows you to request an appraisal using your mobile. The principle is very similar to the online estimate but you also have the possibility of accessing your photos directly from your camera without having to switch them to your computer... So you save time and simplicity! Processing times are also shortened, and you can follow the progress of your request live thanks to your notifications.

Expertise in video-conferencing

From now on, you can also talk to specialists live via a video-conference expertise service. To take advantage of this service, simply contact an approved expert by e-mail. A video-conference appointment will be arranged with the expert who will deal with your request via remote meeting solutions. In this meeting, you will be asked to have the objects to be appraised nearby and you will be guided by the expert to allow an overview of each lot and to see the details of each one thanks to the camera.  At the end of this meeting, the expert will usually be able to confirm the potential of selling at auction of your various pieces and, if necessary, provide you with a first price range.
Having a work of art, painting or sculpture appraised
How to estimate the value of an artwork?

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