Estimation of painting: what are the criteria that make a piece of art valuable?

The valuation of works of art is an important part of the work of art market professionals. When a painting is signed, which is the case for the majority of modern paintings, we refer to the artist's rating. For old paintings that rarely have a signature, their value can be estimated by historical research.

Estimating the value of a work of art

Estimating the value of a work of art is a delicate subject that is governed by evaluation criteria defined by art market experts. To learn more about this subject, you can consult a reference site like It is not enough to be objective to estimate the true value of a work of art and that is why an expert will take into consideration several criteria such as the importance of the artist in his time, his career, the place of the work in his career, the condition of the work and the success of his creations. Some works have a major art value while others have less commercial interest and will have more of a subjective decorative value. In the case of a painting that does not bear a signature, the expert proceeds with in-depth historical research based on the dating, studies the style and techniques used by the painter.

Valuing a signed painting

In the case of a signed painting, it is sufficient to search for the art value of a painter on the art market. Indeed, for a known artist it is very easy to find out the selling prices of his paintings. For an amateur painter, a young painter who is not yet known by the public and who is not yet quoted on the art market, the evaluation will be based on the quality of the artistic work and the commercial interest for this kind of painting. An estimate can be very low at first and skyrocket when the work begins to generate excitement among collectors. Many famous painters lived in poverty before their work became popular.

Other criteria for valuation

In terms of value art, other criteria will come into consideration to define the price of a painting such as the material used, the size of the canvas, the painting technique (for example, an oil painting is more expensive than a drawing or an acrylic painting). In addition to this, there are the period, the current, the artistic trend and in general all the important events that take place on the art market.
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