How do I know if I have a valuable sculpture?

When one has in possession of antique objects, one often wonders what is its market value. Rare are the people who know how to recognize the value of an art without having gone through some training. So how does one go about recognizing a work of art, especially a sculpture, that has value? To better understand this subject, it is necessary to have a little knowledge about sculpture and its techniques.

The history of the sculpture

Men have already practiced sculpture for several centuries. Originally, they took materials such as wood and stones. People carved these materials and used them as representatives of gods. The practice of sculpture then evolved. Earth and metal materials became widely used in the field. Sculptures in the shape of men and well-cut animal forms appeared. At the same time, images sculpted in relief appeared. They are quickly used to enhance the exterior facade of a church. Nowadays, works that have been made for centuries still exist. Nevertheless, it takes an expert eye to recognize them from copies. You may consult Mr. Expert for more interesting details about this subject.

Carving techniques

There are several techniques to be used to obtain a sculpture. There is, for example, modeling. The artist takes earth or clay and shapes it according to his thoughts and inspirations. The shaping is done with the use of his hands. Another technique for obtaining sculpture is "carving". This method consists of tracing curves and fonts on wood or stone. There is a special tool to make cracks in these materials. The assembly is also a better technique to obtain a sculpture. It consists in taking pieces of wood, stone or other materials and assembling them. There are several other techniques besides those already mentioned.

Determining the value of a sculpture

Determining the value of a sculpture is also called carving appraisal. There are three options for determining the value of a sculpture. The first option is to hire an art expert. He or she has the ability to determine the value of a piece of art by looking at the information on the object. The second option is to use the internet. There are currently websites that offer an appraisal sculpture service. The last option for a sculpture appraisal is the use of recognition software. There is currently software that can determine the exact value of a piece of art by scanning it. However, this method of determination is more expensive than other methods.
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