Lyon, a city of art: the artistic spots to see!

Those who know Lyon appreciate the effervescence of this city, as well as the peacefulness of the countryside. But that's not all! Lyon's neighbourhoods are also home to some prestigious artistic spots. A short walk in the heart of the city will help you discover the richness of Lyon's heritage. Here is a selection of exceptional exhibition venues that are a must-see.

The “Musée des Beaux-Arts”: rare collections to discover

The “Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon” is reputed to be the second most important exhibition venue in France, after the Louvre, which remains in pole position throughout Europe. It houses a painting gallery in Lyon, Egyptian collections as well as modern and impressionist art. In the paintings department, you will find medieval paintings as well as contemporary art. Veronese, Perugino, Rubens, Géricault, Fragonard and Manet, not to mention Picasso... Enthusiasts will not fail to be culturally enriched by admiring the inspirations of the greatest artists of European pictorial art. 

“Musée Lumière”: the cradle of the seventh art

The city is not only famous for its gastronomic specialities or for hosting the Estades Gallery in Lyon, but also for the 7th art. Indeed, it is in the heart of the city that film lovers can discover the history of cinematography. This exhibition space is located on “rue du Premier-Film”, in the heart of the Monplaisir district, where the “Villa Lumière” and the factory shed still stand today. The creation of the “Musée Lumière” is a way of paying tribute to Louis and Auguste. The most prestigious finds are displayed in the surprising décor of the family residence, with its elaborate vaults, glass roof, majestic staircase and winter garden.

Musée des Tissus : a must-see

is not the only unusual place to discover in the city. Created in the 19th century, the Musée des Tissus also makes the city's reputation. It houses an important collection of textiles from all over the world. More than two million items are on display, covering the entire history of textiles, from the time of the Pharaohs to the present day. It is also in this exceptional place that the fabrics dedicated to the collection are restored.
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