Online jewelry appraisal: is it expensive?

Pendant, ring, brooch, antique necklace... Many rare pieces of jewelry are kept in your safe deposit box. As you wish to give away some of these pieces for personal projects, start by assigning a price to each specimen. Benefit from an estimate with or without cost online.

Free basic services

Many online platforms offer free jewelry appraisals. With no commitment or specific conditions, all Internet users can benefit from the service in due time. For some platforms, the number of submissions of the estimation request is limited. For a review of the results or an estimate of another set of jewelry, it is advisable to switch to the paid option. For a free jewelry appraisal estimate online on, in a few clicks, you will benefit from a form to fill out to start the procedures. You will have to write a brief description and send some pictures of the jewelry. You should avoid retouching the images to avoid distorting the observation. As soon as we receive your request, a team of experts will get to work to find the best selling price for the object on the market.

More in-depth studies for a fee

If the free jewelry appraisal only provides a rather vague result, it is important to get more precise information. Spend a reasonable amount of money to benefit from the services of competent, qualified and certified jewelry appraisers. For this option, a personalized form will be available. You will have the opportunity to exchange more freely with the experts. Apart from sending photos and history, it is possible to arrange a video call to discuss the cost of each piece of jewelry. If you want to open your own valuables store, it is advisable to have an idea of the cost of your collectible jewelry. To avoid estimation errors, you should use paid services.

Satisfying services for all budgets

A free jewelry appraisal that is too high or too low distorts the value of the jewelry. If you want to know if your jewel could bring you a fortune, submit its pictures to a platform specialized in jewelry appraisal. Opt for both a free and a paid service to better understand the variation of the price of your jewel. The figures displayed on two different results may not be similar. However, you can use the values proposed by the experts as a selling price range. Take advantage of your online browsing to estimate the value of your art objects as well as your collection of antique items: vases, paintings, sculptures, etc.
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